5 Reasons you Need a Leather Portfolio for Your Next Job Interview

You are organized.

You have an interview scheduled. You are excited, but also nervous. There are many things to remember, questions to ask and people to meet. Before you start to stress, take a few minutes to decide how you will organize everything you need for your meeting. Will it be in a plain folder or something more professional? The last thing you want is for your resume and important documents to get mixed up with other papers in your bag, or for them to become wrinkled by the time of your meeting.

Make sure that everything has its own space and is well organized so that you can easily find what you need when the time comes!

You mean business.

In a professional setting, leather accessories say a lot about who you are as an individual. Leather signifies class and success, and is naturally attractive to the human eye (it's actually been scientifically proven). In terms of your appearance, leather has positive psychological impact on those around you. It signals that you're serious about your career, and helps distinguish you from the crowd.

You may be wondering why a leather portfolio is essential to help gain success in an interview. The reason is simple: it signifies professionalism and competence to an interviewer. A portfolio can hold resumes, business cards, notepads—even pencils! It’s along the same lines as wearing matching socks; it shows that you care enough to make sure everything looks put together and organized.

Your references are in order.

Your references are in order

A portfolio is a great place to keep your reference letters and information as well. If you’re just starting out or have had several jobs, you may be overwhelmed by the thought of having to contact everyone you’ve ever worked with to get their permission and updated information. By keeping this all in one place, the task can be done little by little until you’re ready for your next interview. And make sure that there is actually a letter from each person who has agreed to serve as a reference—you never know when an unexpected opportunity will come up!

You will make a good impression.

You will be making a good impression – With a leather portfolio, you are giving the impression that you are professional, prepared and ready for your interview. You have everything neatly organized and ready to go. The leather portfolio is not only a practical tool but also a fashion accessory. It can make all your documents look presentable, including presentation papers and business cards.

Making positive first impressions is an important factor in finding success in your career goals. A lot of times it’s what separates the most qualified candidates from those who get the job offer. This is especially true when it comes to getting hired as a financial analyst or other position where having confidence is key.

You will get the job.

  • You will get the job.

It's true: people with portfolios are more likely to get jobs than people without portfolios. It's not just an urban legend, or a myth like unicorns and mermaids. It's science! Studies have shown that candidates with clutches and portfolios are perceived as more professional, prepared and organized than those who don't use them.

  • You will look like you know what you're doing.

Let's face it: if you use a portfolio during your interview, you'll stand out from other candidates. First impressions count for everything, and if so many other people are using boring old folders to show off their work samples, you can easily separate yourself by using something that stands out—a leather portfolio or clutch.

A leather portfolio will help you to look organized, professional, and prepared for your big interview!

You only get one chance to make a first impression—and this is especially true if you’re meeting with a potential employer. If you want to showcase that you are an organized, professional, and prepared candidate for the job, then you need to look the part. Bringing a leather portfolio will help you look like exactly what they are looking for in an employee…and won’t it be great when they see that you have all your materials together?

Imagine the scene: You walk into your interview, sit down confidently at the table and place your notebook on top of the leather portfolio. Your interviewer asks, “Do you have a portfolio I can review?” You smile back at them and say, “Of course! I keep everything in here.”

For employers who love to lead with tough questions during interviews, being prepared with all of your materials in one handy place can help set them (and you) at ease. A leather portfolio helps the hiring managers know that they can rely on you—whether it’s for taking notes or displaying documents when asked. Plus it shows them that if hired for their job opening, then you are someone who is ready for any project given to them!