7 Quick tips before you print your resume

Resumates offers online resume printing and delivery, but if you're printing from home follow these quick steps to make sure you're making the best possible first impression.

  1. Use a professional template. The word doc templates you can find for under $15 on sites like Creative Market will transform your resume to next-level status- maybe start with these top resume template choices top choices. If you want your interviewer to pop open your resume and say "Wow." this is a smart start. 
  2. Spellcheck! 
  3. Remove hyperlinks from any websites and email addresses before printing your resume. Otherwise you are left with the hyperlink on the printed version.
  4. You will almost always want to use a laser printer for resume printing. Laser printers are more precise with small fonts and lines, and do not smudge. If you need to use your trusty old inkjet printer send several test copies through the machine to ensure your printing copies free of smudges, streaks, and ink blotches.
  5. Get nice paper. Choose between the various resume paper weights, textures, compositions and resume paper colors. We recommend something not too overstated, that communicates a prepared, clean, and polished look. If you don't order through Resumates, a great paper option is this 32 lb white resume paper.
  6. Set the paper correctly in the tray. Resume paper is often designed for one side to be printed on. If you look closely or run your fingers across each side of the page, you will see that one side is often linen-textured and the other side is smooth. Give the paper a test run and make sure the textured side is the one that you are printing on.
  7. Make enough copies for your event or interview, and add a few more for good measure. You never know whether your interview will come straight from another meeting without a moment to print your resume, or if you encounter more interviewers that you were expecting. Always be prepared for this.

Good luck with your upcoming interview, hopefully these resume tips have you off on the right foot to make your best first impression.

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