White vs Ivory resume paper comparison: choosing the best resume paper color

Best resume paper colors

As a print shop that specializes in resume printing, we print a lot of resumes on resume paper. It's what we do. We're here to help you choose the best resume paper for your next interview or career fair, whether your print with us or not. 

Resume Paper is a premium type of paper with a special texture, premium composition, and heavier paper weight. White resume paper and ivory resume paper are the two most common resume paper options. As you probably know, you'll want to avoid pastels or other unusual colors the next time that you print your resume.

Ivory resume paper is a bit more more distinguished than white resume paper. An off-white paper immediately signals your professionalism and attention to detail. Special texture is also visible on ivory resume paper, making it more obvious that you are printing on premium paper. The old saying is that ivory resume paper helps your resume stand out in a stack at a career fair. 

The Opus Resume Paper brand of resume paper has a nice ivory tone that is distinguished, elevated, and delivers real polish. It's well-priced and a proceeds support a reforestation mission in US National Parks. Available on Amazon.

White resume paper
 offers elevated quality above your everyday copy paper because it has special paper texture, special cotton composition, and heavier paper weight. In terms of its style, white resume paper is clean and modern, if perhaps a bit less distinguishable from regular paper. When selecting white resume paper, consider one with cotton composition, paper weight 24 - 32 lb, and a linen texture to give that clean but noticeable first impression.  We like Southworth's 32 lb white resume paper, linen-textured. Their 24lb resume paper is also a solid option.  


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