Choosing the right paper for your color resume print

Over the past couple of weeks, a few customers have asked similar questions regarding the right paper for their color resume prints. Choosing the right resume paper color for a resume print that is also in color sometimes requires some experimentation before you are able to find the optimal output. 

In every case, the best result is one where we were able to to complement the design elements of the resume with the natural color of the paper (e.g., ivory, almond, and white resume paper tones). 

An example of matching a resume design to a paper color is this tasteful off-white full bleed resume print below. This print's natural tones complements ivory paper nicely. The print has a very different feel on white paper. In this case, the customer was able to use ivory paper and brown borders to deliver a beautiful full bleed resume print. The colors complement so nicely that the stack of prints actually look a bit like the corner of a framed diploma at first glance.

color resume print

Given the natural tones of the resume design, ivory paper was a fitting choice. In cases where several bright colors might be used, a natural choice would be to use white resume paper as a base, rather than ivory. Every resume is unique, so envision the desired end product and pair the design with the proper paper color to achieve the desired result.