Choosing the right resume paper weight: 20 lb vs 24 lb vs 32 lb

The variety of resume paper you might find at a local copy store could be confusing for the occasional print job. Which paper weight is the right paper weight to print my resume? 

Resume paper should be between 24lb - 32lb paper weight. 24lb resume paper is 20% heavier than regular copy paper, while 32lb resume paper is 60% heavier than regular copy paper. Resume paper is - at least partially - made with cotton, keeping it soft and unlike firmer cardstock.

Heavier weight is not necessarily better. The right weight resume paper is one that reflects your personal style. For a subtle difference over standard copy paper, choose 24 lb paper. For a premium and luxe feel, select 32 lb paper. It's that simple. 

So, for a distinguished look and feel, choose something like 28 lb Magnum Opus Resume Paper or the the linen-textured Southworth 32 lb ivory resume paper. For a more subtle difference over copy paper, check out Southworth's 24 lb white linen-texture resume paper

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