Full bleed resume printing - let's do this!

Resumes that require full bleed, borderless printing are the most common order we receive at Resumates. This makes sense; you've poured hours into creating a digital masterpiece but transforming that into physical prints can require quite a bit of time, calibration, and special equipment to get just right.   

It's clear that job seekers are increasingly using their resume design to showcase their creativity, style, and personal brand to potential employers. It's no surprise that this approach is common in design and creative fields, but innovative resume designs are popping up in a variety of non-creative fields.

One common design element applicants are using are colors and illustrations - often that extend to the edge of the page. When used tastefully, these elements help organize the page for the reader, adding a visual aid to separate different types of information. For example, the illustration below separates the candidates name from the content of their resume.

full bleed resume printing

Almost every resume in 2017 and beyond will be submitted digitally, and we can feel confident it will appear as intended on the hiring manager's PDF viewer. But, what about the physical resume on interview day? One of the challenges of a borderless resume design is the difficulty in printing a resume in full bleed (i.e., borderless printing, edge-to-edge printing, zero margin printing) with most printers.

Your hiring manager will likely print via a standard office laser printer. Laser printers are a great cost efficient option for offices, but they cannot print to the edge of the page. Laser printers are unable to print in full bleed because they use rollers to pass the paper through the printing process. These rollers need to grab a clean edge of the paper, so there's only so far to that edge that a laser printer will allow you to print. 

If you want to showcase your resume in all of its borderless glory, you should print them yourself and bring them with you. There are a variety of ways to do this, such as printing a larger page and cutting the edges or using a premium inkjet designed for this purpose. Resumates offers full bleed resume printing as an option during checkout; however, only for color print options at this time. Your prints are calibrated to our printer and tested until we can see that we have a result that you're going to love. They're packaged twice over by a human to avoid imperfections, and delivered to your door in two days

full bleed resume printing




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