Top 5 Drinks for Studying and Focus

Studying can be a grind. It’s best to prepare for a good study session by making sure you’re comfortable and in an environment conducive to focus. It’s always helpful to make sure that you have some good snacks and nice beverage handy that tastes great and provides sustained energy. 


Coffee is a tried and true study aid. Many university libraries study halls now have Starbucks on the premise too. The caffeine boost helps to keep the brain alert and focused. In addition to just enjoying the flavor of good coffee, I also feel that the energy boost provided by coffee is smoother than that of energy drinks.

Of course, drinking too much coffee can cause some adverse side effects: discomfort, frequent bathroom breaks, and even anxiousness and anxiety - pace yourself for long study sessions. 

Green Tea

Green tea is a fantastic beverage for studying. It offers a smooth and mild caffeine boost that won’t make you jittery avoids a huge crash. The energy boost from green tea is balanced with its calming effects to put you in a very centered and focused place as you study. Green tea contains many compounds which promote brain health and focus.

Green tea is also an overall very healthy beverage, containing antioxidants and polyphenols. Not only will some green tea provide some controlled energy for your studying, it also promotes your overall physical and mental health.

Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer

Typically, a good beer is not the best option for studying. One or two beers and you’ll lose focus and probably start texting your friends to hang out. This is not helpful for studying.

But non-alcoholic craft beer is a really intriguing study option. Non-alcoholic craft beer can provide you an enjoyable treat while you cram for finals. Many varieties of non-alcoholic beer, such as those from Partake Brewing Company, contain healthy ingredients which can further focus and health as well. You can find non-alcoholic craft beer online.

Energy Drink

Energy drinks have long been a favorite study aid of college students everywhere. But these caffeine-packed beverages may not be the best option. While these drinks kickstart your focus, you may be more likely to experience a crash. There are many varieties out there, all offering basically the same heavy-handed dose of caffeine and guarana. 

I generally only rely on the energy drink for the real desperate situations. If I really need to stay up late and get some progress done on a project, a Monster, Bang, or Red Bull can do the trick. 

Sports Drinks

A basic sports drink like a Powerade or Gatorade can really by a great study beverage without caffeine. They provide no caffeine and don’t claim to have any specific focus enhancing properties, but they provide the hydration that you need to keep going. 

Sports drinks can be packed with sugar so consider sports drinks that have less sugar added, like Gatorade’s G2.

There are lots of different types of beverages to suit many different types of studying. The all-night cram session might call for a few Red Bulls or a few pots of coffee, while a calm evening reading may have you wanting some green tea or a non-alcoholic beer. Coffee is well-suited for just about any occasion, in my opinion. Whatever the occasion, make sure you’re prepared with a good beverage for your studies.


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