Printing your resume? Your 5 best resume paper options

Finding the right paper to printing your resume on can be tricky. You will see a number of specialty papers, with different weights, colors, textures, and compositions. 

Printing a resume on resume paper signals a certain level of preparedness, professionalism, and attention to detail. So, what exactly is resume paper? 

Resume paper is a more substantial and higher quality type of paper. It feels feels and looks great. Resume paper is heavier than copy paper, but is not as heavy or firm as something like cardstock. The unit of measure for for any type of paper weight (in the U.S.) is in "pounds," so we'll describe the right weight range based on this common unit of measure in the table below, compared to other familiar types of paper.  

As you may know, standard copy paper that you'll find in your everday printer is "20 pound" paper. Resume paper is heavier, and falls in the range of 24 - 32 pounds. Above 32 pound threshold, the paper begins to feel too firm for a resume - and more like what you would expect from a restaurant menu or greeting card. 



Our favorite pick is from Opus Paper Company. Opus offers an excellent resume paper that includes a classic black interview portfolio - perfect combo for your upcoming interview. And available on Amazon Prime.



For a clean and polished look we really liked Opus Resume Paper. In an interview setting we want to put our best foot forward and a premium paper product offers the professional polish you want to showcase.


Opus Resume Paper initially caught our eye because it can come with a interview portfolio for excellent value if you need to purchase both.

This product delivers a modern and distinguished off-white ivory. The paper is made from virgin pulp fibers which is a fancy way of saying that the manufacturing process takes a few extra steps to make this paper feel and look like premium stock. This paper also comes with no watermark, which is surprisingly hard to find among other premium papers. For us, this was a smart bet for a big interview.  

Type of Resume Paper

Resume Paper weight


Regular copy paper

20 lb As you now know, this is not resume paper. We include it here for reference.


Southworth wove business paper, white

24 lb

This is would be the most subtly differentiated paper from regular copy paper.

This resume paper looks and feels very similar to standard copy paper. This product is smooth, and just slightly heavier than standard copy paper. If looking to showcase professional polish, this choice may be too subtle of a message.

Southworth linen business paper, ivory

24 lb

This product is a lightweight resume paper. The ivory color and linen texture gives this resume paper a traditional and elevated look and feel. The weight of this resume paper is 20% heavier than regular copy paper.

Magnum Opus Exceptional Resume Paper, White Ivory 28 lb This resume paper by Opus Paper offers a unique combination of quality, texture, and color. The white ivory color and lightly textured finish delivers a distinguished first impression. 

Southworth linen resume paper, white


32 lb

This is linen resume paper option in a classic, polished white. The substantial 32 lb weight and texture differentiates it from regular paper upon touching it, rather than upon seeing it. This option is also ideal for most resumes that are printed in color. 

Southworth linen business paper, ivory

32 lb This 32 lb ivory resume paper is elevated in every way: look, feel, and weight. The linen texture and ivory color give this a "classic" resume look and the 32 resume paper weight gives it an elevated feel. 


Southworth linen resume paper, almond

32 lb This is a heavier weight resume paper with linen texture for a premium feel. The almond color is uncommon, but still still highly professional.
Card stock 50 lb+ For comparison of paper weight, don't print your resume on cardstock.
Grocery bag paper 75 lb For comparison of paper weight, definitely don't print your resume on a grocery bag. 


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