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Choosing the right paper for your color resume print

Over the past couple of weeks, a few customers have asked similar questions regarding the right paper for their color resume prints. Choosing the right resume paper color for a resume print that is also in color sometimes requires some experimentation before you are able to find the optimal output.  In every case, the best result is one where we were able to to complement the design elements of the resume with the natural color of the paper (e.g., ivory, almond, and white resume paper tones).  An example of matching a resume design to a paper color is this tasteful off-white full bleed resume print below. This print's natural tones complements ivory paper nicely. The print has a very different feel on white paper. In this case, the...

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Ten basic steps to ace your upcoming career fair

For better or for worse, you likely will only get to experience a career fair a handful of times in your life. Career fairs can can feel like a pretty foreign environment, transforming a casual academic environment into one with professional polish and courtesies. With each career fair experience you will take away certain learnings to help inform how to best approach your next career fair. The best way to master the career fair experience is to immerse yourself in the process, understand the "ins and outs", and learn from the experience of being there.  The key preparing for your career fair is feeling your best, so that you are comfortable with each interaction. The best way to make this...

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7 Quick tips before you print your resume

Resumates offers online resume printing and delivery, but if you're printing from home follow these quick steps to make sure you're making the best possible first impression. Use a professional template. The word doc templates you can find for under $15 on sites like Creative Market will transform your resume to next-level status- maybe start with these top resume template choices top choices. If you want your interviewer to pop open your resume and say "Wow." this is a smart start.  Spellcheck!  Remove hyperlinks from any websites and email addresses before printing your resume. Otherwise you are left with the hyperlink on the printed version. You will almost always want to use a laser printer for resume printing. Laser printers are more precise with small fonts and lines,...

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