7 Quick Tips Before You Print Resumes:

Resumates offers online resume printing and delivery, but if you're printing from home follow these quick steps to make sure you're making the best possible first impression.
  1. Spellcheck! But you know this ... 
  2. Remove hyperlinks from any websites and email addresses before printing resumes. Otherwise you are left with the underline from the hyperlink on the printed version, which isn't needed.
  3. You will almost always want to use a laserjet printer for resume printing, if possible. Laser printers are more precise with small fonts and lines, and do not smudge.  
  4. Get nice paper. Choose between the various resume paper weights, textures, compositions and resume paper colors. We recommend something not too overstated, that communicates a prepared, clean, and polished look.
  5. Set the paper correctly in the tray. Resume paper is often designed with one side to be printed on. Give the paper a test run and make sure the textured side is being printed on. 
  6. Make enough copies for your event or interview, and add a few more for good measure.
  7. And one last quick spell check :)

Good luck! And check out our resume printing packages to skip the copy shop!