Almond, ivory, and white resume paper

Resumates offers resume printing on white, ivory, and almond resume paper. Sometimes we get real crazy and kick around the idea of gray or a light blue resume paper, and maybe the zeitgeist will be such that that day will come - but we curate this limited selection because we want you to know we're confident every resume leaving this shop has a polished and professional style. Here is how we think about the various colors:

White resume paper: white resume paper may seem plain, but paired with a premium texture and added weight it really provides a classic, polished, and modern feel.

Almond and ivory resume paper: almond and ivory resume paper tend to have a more formal feel, and it will be clear to any interviewer that you took the care to tastefully select a resume with colored paper. In addition to signaling preparation and thoughtfulness, these shades of resume paper tend to add a feeling of formality. 

Other resume paper colors: there are cases where other resume paper colors can be effective, but you should do so at your own risk. The potential to signal informality with a certain resume color tends to outweigh the design benefits in almost every case. The exceptions tend to be in design/creative resumes set on a certain backdrop, which can look fantastic if done tastefully. At Resumates we currently don't carry unusual colors, because we want to be 100% sure that you have the best resume backdrop for your interview.