White vs Ivory resume paper comparison: choosing the best resume paper color

Best resume paper colors

Resumates is an ecommerce service that allows you to upload your finished resume and receive 25 crisp printed copies of your resume delivered to your door within two days, allowing you to skip errands to the copy store while you prepare for you interview - just upload your resume, select a type of resume paper, and we'll deliver. Offering this service has given us the ability to print an untold number of resumes on a wide variety of paper options. Some resume paper options offer better quality than others and come in more reasonable package sizes - for example, you probably won't need 500 sheets unless you've got quite a long resume on your hands! We have some tips below for the occasional resume printing job that you perform at home.

White resume paper and ivory resume paper are the two most common resume paper options that deliver professional polish. Almond resume paper is a third resume paper color option that is a bit less common, but delivers that same level of polish without straying too far into unusual colors. Needless to say, you'll want to avoid pastels or other  unusual colors the next time you print your resume for an interview or career fair so we'll skip those altogether :) 

White resume paper is elevated in quality above your everyday copy paper through its texture, composition, and heavier paper weight. In terms of its style, white resume paper is clean, crisp, and modern. When selecting white resume paper, consider one with cotton composition, paper weight 24 - 32 lb (examples available through Amazon below), with linen texture to give that clean but noticeable first impression that feels and looks like premium paper. 

Below are two great examples of white resume paper options from the highly reputable Southworth brand in reasonable quantities for occasional print jobs.

The first is a nice light 24lb white resume paper option, note that it's not currently available via Prime.

The second is a more substantial 32 lb white resume paper option. It's available via Prime which is a nice plus for 2-day shipping, but it's a bit pricier as well at $27+. Note that for less than this price Resumates would ship and deliver actual prints of your resume (upload your resume, 2-day shipping) which would be cheaper and more convenient.




Ivory resume paper leans more traditional and formal than white paper. It's less subtle than white resume paper, signaling your professionalism, attention to detail, and preparation more immediately. The texture of the linen is somewhat more visible on ivory paper than it is on white resume paper, which makes it more obvious that you are printing on premium paper. The old saying is that ivory resume paper helps you resume stand out in a stack at a career fair. Consider that even lighter weight ivory resume paper (e.g., 24 lb) will still have an elevated look and feel over regular copy paper.

Below is our favorite ivory resume paper option available on Prime for quick delivery.


Almond resume paper is a harder-to-find alternative to ivory and white resume paper that delivers a very high quality first impression. This resume paper color isn't as popular, so you typically can only find this variety online. Almond resume paper strikes a perfect balance between being unique but still highly professional and polished.

An ideal 32 lb ivory resume paper option from Southworth below.

About Resumates

Resumates is an online resume printing service: we print your finished resume and deliver it to your door in two days, saving you precious hours to prepare for your upcoming interview or career fair. Our resume printing options are on premium paper, including white, ivory, and almond resume paper and a variety of paper weights. Skip the copy shop and relying on that old dusty old printer - simply upload your resume, select your favorite paper, and receive 25 prints of your finished resume within two days ($11.95+).