White vs Ivory resume paper: tips on how to choose

Chances are if you go to your local copy store you'll find two types of resume paper: white and ivory resume paper. Let's cut to the chase and help you decide on which to choose.

White resume paper is clean, crisp, and modern. Black print on white paper looks great, and on heavier paper, like 32 lb paper (24 lb would be the low end of resume paper weight, 32lb on the high end). Whereas the difference between colored resume paper is seen, with white resume paper it's primarily felt, so consider paper that is noticeably heavier than copy paper.

Ivory resume paper leans more traditional and formal. It's less subtle than white resume paper, signaling your professionalism, attention to detail, and preparation more immediately. The texture of the linen is somewhat more visible on ivory paper than it on white resume paper, which make it more obvious that you are printing on premium paper.

Resumates offers online resume printing from the comfort of your home on white and ivory resume paper (as well as an almond color). Simply upload your resume and we'll deliver crisp prints to your home within two days. We curate this specific assortment of colors because we know that these colors look great, and make great first impressions.  

There may be cases where other resume paper colors can be effective (e.g., certain blues and greys), but do so with common sense and caution. The potential to signal informality with a certain resume color outweighs the design benefits in almost every case. The exceptions tend to be in design/creative resumes designed to be set on a certain backdrop, which can look fantastic when done correctly!