Full bleed resume printing

Resume printing in full bleed (i.e., borderless, edge-to-edge, zero margin printing) is becoming increasingly common in design and creatives fields. Resume designers are using the entire 8.5x11 sheet to showcase style and creativity.

Resume designs tend to follow one of two paths when printing in full bleed. The simplest are illustrations that extend to the edge of the page (pictured below) on an otherwise white backdrop. 

full bleed resume printing

The second is designing a resume that has multiple colors for the backdrop, such as the resume template below, courtesy of Loft Resumes. This template is based on a primarily white backdrop, with brown and grey sections. These resume templates are beautiful, but to make the most of them on your interview day be sure to (a) print on resume paper color that complements the printed colors, (b) have access to a capable inkjet printer as laser printers do not support borderless printing, and (c) be very mindful of smudging and uneven printing.

full bleed resume printing

It's unlikely that your local copy shop is equipped for proper edge-to-edge printing. Resumates offers full bleed resume printing as an option during checkout for color prints.