Resume print guide: 5 quick tips

A strong resume and quality resume prints gives a great first impression during an interview or career fair. Beyond your experience, a quality resume print will signal taste, attention to detail, and that you take the opportunity seriously. Let's break down what makes the best resume paper and best resume prints:

  1. Resume paper color: The best resume colors are simple, natural, and not overstated. White resume paper is excellent for a clean and polished resume, and is a smart backdrop for resumes with color. Off-white colors, like almond and ivory, can add a sense of design taste particularly if your resume is otherwise black and white. Ivory is said to also add the feeling of 'experience' to a resume, as white paper tends to turn ivory as it ages. 
  2. Resume paper weight: Resume paper weight is measured in pounds based on the weight of a full box of paper. A standard sheet of regular paper is 20 lb paper. Resumes are printed on more substantial paper, ranging from 24 to 32 lbs. 24 lb resume paper is subtly heavier (+20%) than standard paper, while 32 lb paper is more noticeably heavier (+60%). As paper gets heavier it's composition (e.g., cotton content) becomes more important to avoid feeling like stiff cardstock.
  3. Resume paper texture: Resume texture is feel of the surface of your resume. We print on a linen crosshatched pattern that is satisfying to touch and adds a touch of formality. 
  4. Resume paper composition: Quality resume paper should be composed of cotton fiber, separating high quality resume paper from stiffer-feeling cardstock.
  5. Printing your resume: High resolution laser printing is the best way to print your resume. Laser printers can print sharper blacks, and can more precisely handle lines and smaller fonts. There are exceptions where an inkjet printer will better perform certain color prints, such as full bleed prints.

At Resumates we enable you to upload your resume, choose from our premium resume paper options, and receive your resume prints in a couple days.